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A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

Positivity (in marketing) is contagious

“Do a little bit of good where you are. It is those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” – Desmond Tutu

I am often approached by local non-profits in search of marketing or branding support. In my experience, these projects either tend to be the most rewarding or, ironically, the most tedious. Either way, these are opportunities in which I can give back, share my knowledge, and hopefully inspire others.

I’ve learned through the years that I must be selective; chose organizations that are meaningful to me or my family, ones that are making a difference right now, one step at a time. A new project came across my desk recently and, thanks to my schedule, I was able to jump on the opportunity to help an organization that our family has seen the direct effects of. It has truly changed the life of our daughter and taught her so many amazing life skills. For this, we are forever grateful. And, to be able to give back to this organization as it has given to us, was something I was extremely excited to do.

Many local families are familiar with the independent film “Screenagers”, written and directed by a member of our own community. It chronicles the effects of social media on our children in a direct and honest way, which really hit home to those who were fortunate enough to see it. It’s director, Dr. Delaney Ruston, has since gone on to do several more amazing projects within our community and beyond, and I encourage you to check them out on her site.

I was asked to create a logo for one of her latest projects called “Boosting Bravery”. This curriculum is a FREE leadership program for teens from anywhere in the US. In weekly small groups, older girls use modules to lead younger girls in building skills around in-person and online emotional and relationship challenges. The older girls get guidance from women mentors, so the cycle of support is unending.

When it comes to tackling challenging emotions and relationships, girls have innate strength, skills, and gutsiness... and this could not be truer than now. With so many of our young teens having been affected by the pandemic, their psyches and social skills have been challenged in many ways unheard of in history. This program offers a way to recover and build skills that are invaluable for a teen in today’s world. When it comes to boosting girls' skills, who better than older girls?

Delaney and I worked side by side to create a mark that was representative of this strength and resilience of young women, utilizing bold colors and creating an energetic feel. I enjoyed every minute of this project and I truly believe in Boosting Bravery now more than ever.

If you have a daughter, of any age, I encourage you to visit here now.

The knowledge that they could potentially share and/or receive is invaluable. I’m extremely proud of the work that I did for Boosting Bravery and feel that I did something “good” in this all-too-often negative world. And, remember, every bit of “good” you do goes towards the greater good. How will you contribute?

Kirsti Rochon is a senior level brand designer and marketing professional in the Greater Seattle area. For more information, visit

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